The League of Superhero Service Providers: Nov 2!


Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of businesses?  The League of Superhero Service Providers …

Join us on Monday, November 2nd, for our latest awesome networking event.  Get your cape on!

This session will be cohosted by our amazing friends at Cinga Leadership.  They’re superheroes at building amazing company cultures and leaders.

This event is for you if you are

  • A consultant or service provider
  • In the Lower Mainland (Vancouver and area)
  • Business to business only (no business to consumer)
  • Your target customer is small-gantic and mid-sizes businesses (think $1mm to $50mm in revenue)
  • Only one person per area of expertise per company please

The details

The process

  1. Sign up below
  2. We will be approving attendees every couple days (first come, first served)
    1. You will receive notification as soon as your application has been reviewed
  3. Once you’re approved, purchase your ticket on Eventbrite (we will provide a link)
  4. Themed homework will be provided so you can be ready for the event!

Why so many steps? Simple: We review EVERY applicant to ensure we have a great mix of attendees so you can have enjoy the best possible event.  Yes, it takes a couple extra steps, but it’s worth it!

This is our most fun network building event, so don’t miss out!  Do you know another A-Player consultant?  Invite them to join as well!


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