The power of small incremental improvements

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What if you could make a 1% improvement this quarter? How would that impact your business?

If you applied it to revenue, a $10mm annual revenue business makes an extra $25,000. At 15% profit margin, that’s an extra $3,750 in profit.

What about being 1% more efficient on your core processes, improving your bottom line?

What if you could increase free cashflow by 1%?

What if your team got 1% more effective?

What if you learned 1% more?

What if you became 1% of a better person?

What if your stress reduced by 1%, and your fun increased by 1%?

What if you could get 1% more freedom?

What if you could impact multiple levers for 1% each quarter?

What if you did this quarter after quarter? How would the compounding change you, your team and your business?

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, does a great job of describing the power of being 1% better every day.

We have this amazing exercise that applies this concept to your business. Within minutes we can see the impact of these incremental improvements to your cash flow and profit, then brainstorm how your team can achieve them.

Drop me a message if you’re ready to start making 1% changes to your business.

Mike Knapp


Mike has been helping businesses achieve their goals for more than 20 years. He believes there is a better way for business owners and leaders to build their businesses and achieve their big goals. As a Gravitas Impact Premium coach, he leverages the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ to simplify the art of strategy and discipline of execution.

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