Your people: the first and last line of cyber security defence


Special thanks to guest author, Michael Argast

Your team members are the most important investment you can make in cyber security.

All the fancy firewalls, advanced malware detection, threat intelligence feeds and pew pew maps aren’t worth the electricity necessary to run them if you ignore the important role your team members have in security.

Whether it’s not clicking on the phishing link, or being wise enough not to re-use passwords from their sports gambling site for their company access credentials, the choices your users make will determine whether you’re going to have a good cyber security day or bad one.

This is why we provide security awareness training as a key part of our services to our clients. Studies have shown that in the area of phishing alone, well executed training programs will reduce the click-rate from 20% to less than 5%, which means a lot less clean-up after the fact.

We update this training regularly as threats evolve to keep it fresh and keep our clients users well educated on the risks. However, recent events have dramatically changed everything about how many organizations operate. A rapid need to adopt work-from-home is having an impact on both team members and the IT organizations that support them.

The risk profiles are different—when everyone is connecting via the VPN, sharing home networks with malware ridden laptops from kids and frantically emailing around sensitive data, it’s obvious that new training was needed.

So, to help not only our clients but everyone else out there, we created two absolutely free, short and sweet awareness training add-on modules. At less than five minutes each, they hit the highlights of what users and IT team members need to know… now.

We’ve posted them both on YouTube and on our training site, Simple Security, to make them easy to access. We hope these help you and your teams now, and well into the future.

Working from home for users

Working from home for IT

At Kobalt, we’re focused on helping small and mid-sized organizations level up their security game. Awareness training is a critical component – investing a modest amount in your users can have a much bigger impact than a fancy pew pew map or next-gen gadget. Please get in touch at [email protected] if we can be of assistance in your security program.

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